At Mozaik, we are committed to helping clients recover their secured and unsecured debts. Before we commence any action, we conduct our due diligence, which assists in determing wheter any action is commercially viable.

If so, we an assist you with:

  • Issuing a letter of demand;
  • Preparing a Statement of Claim – used to demand either payment or defence of the matter within 28 days (after the Statement of Claim is served); and with
  • Entering Judgment against the debtor (when no action is taken within 28 days).

Once Judgment is entered, a number of procedures are available to enforce it, for example, various enforcement warrants, Enforcement Hearing Summons, garnishee orders.

If we determine that the debotor (individual or a company) is insolvent, we advise in relaton to viablity of bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.

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